This study made up the DB(Data Base) system by classifying and typifying the cooperative networks cases for social problem resolutions according to certain criteria from 1948 to 2016. The main searching structures of this DB are as follows: First, the time range of finding and organizing the cases for the cooperative network for social problem resolutions is from 1948 to 2016. Second, the types of social problems are ① public administration problems, ② political and diplomatic problems, ③ economic problems, ④labor and management problems, ⑤ environmental and energy problems, ⑥ educational problems, ⑦ residential and transportation problems, ⑩ social culture problems, ⑪social welfare problems, ⑫ information, communication and media problems, ⑬ gender problems, ⑭ disaster·safety problems. Third, the types of cooperative network are classified into ① participant management network, ② leading management network, ③network management organization network according to the cooperative relationship of participants. The purpose of this study is to provide the fundamental data of collaborative network research for solving various social problems and to promote the researches by developing and providing a database and a searching system of cooperation network cases for solving social problems.

Expect Effect / Research Utilization

This study collected and analyzed the cooperation network cases for social problem resolutions and builded the information retrieval management system with diverse the retrieval function, statistical function and management function. The utilization of this study are as follows. First, this study can provide a data base for various researches relating with the resolutions of social problems and function as an electronic library with a database. Therefore, a vast number of examples of cooperation networks for social problem resolutions, since the Korean government was established, can be viewed from different perspectives. Second, this study is expected to find a reasonable solution in response to social problems through the analysis of cooperation network cases for solving social problems, and to enhance the policy implications to explore the mechanism of the cooperation network. Third, it is expected that this research process will promote the cultivation of professional manpower related to the development of policy alternatives for social problem resolution. As a result of this study, the retrieval system of cooperative network cases for social problem resolutions can be used as an important educational material or textbook for solving social problems and social conflicts.

Project Name : Basic Research Support for Foundational Human/Social Science Researches
Research Title : Database Construction of Social Problems Resolution Cases by Cooperative Network [ KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research :
Research Institution : SUNMOON UNIVERSITY
Research Period : 3 Years (SEPTEMBER 01, 2014 - AUGUST 31, 2017)