□ Contents of the study This study aims to collect various types of data in order to carry out the purpose of data collection and analysis on tendencies of opening and liberalization of the former socialist countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and East Asia. The collected data were divided into three categories, i.e. basic data, quantitative data, and qualitative data. △ Basic and quantitative data Basic and quantitative data were collected by dividing them into 181 items in 11 fields(basic data) and 144 items in 19 fields(quantitative data). The basic data compiled general information for an overview of the 37 countries belonging to the three regions(Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and East Asia) for which this research project is aiming to make data collection. Quantitative data, as in the case of basic data, are epitomized only in the quantitative performance indicators of 37 countries in the three regions. Therefore, the work concerning the basic data and quantitative data began by gathering basic data necessary for understanding the former socialist countries that have undergone the transition period, and made database by collecting indexes related to the opening and liberalization of these countries. Through this work, all the collected basic statistical data, indexes, and indicators will be opened to the related researchers and general users via the website constructed by the project team. △ Qualitative data In this study, qualitative data on the opening and liberalization of transition were collected for 18 countries which were added up each 6 countries in the three region. The collection of qualitative data and the construction of database were the part which took the most time and effort in the last three years since the project team started the research task. It is assumed that all of the 18 countries have experienced three transition stages, although it was somewhat different depending on the transition process of each country; they started from the stage of ‘the period of preparation and politico-economic turmoil’, next to the second stage of ‘the period of qualitative transition’, and then to the third stage of ‘the period of stable development’. We concentrated on the collection of the data from the period of mid-1970s to the 2010s, which could cover the entire period of transition in the 18 countries.

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Project Name : Basic Research Support for Foundational Human/Social Science Researches
Research Title : Collecting Materials and Analysis on the Tendency of Opening and Liberalization in the Former Socialist Countries during Transformation [ KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research :
Research Institution : HANYANG UNIVERSITY
Research Period : 3 Years (SEPTEMBER 01, 2014 - AUGUST 31, 2017)