After forty years of successful economic growth, China’s sustainable development in the future depends on social stability in the context of politics, society, economy, and environment. Our study has been focused on construction of indicators and indices of the four areas in China’s 8 geographic regions: (1) Coastal Provinces in Southern China, (2) Coastal Provinces in Eastern China, (3) Coastal Provinces in Northern China, (4) 3 Northeastern Provinces, (5) The Yangzhe River Provinces, (6) The Yellow River Provinces, (7) Southwestern Provinces, and (8) Northwestern Provinces. In the DB system and its related studies, social stability is regarded as some stable vitality of a society for its sustained development. In other words, a society’s robustness to address its problems in politics, society, economy, and environment. Our DB of raw date, indicators, and indices of China’s Regional social stability will provide basic resources for students of Chinese Studies, as well as policy makers in the government and related business organizations.

Expect Effect / Research Utilization

1. Enhance academic basis for Chinese studies and related inter-disciplinary studies - The DB system and result of the study expands the horizon for Chinese studies in the context of the synergy of its inter-disciplinary features. - The result of the study will alleviate language barriers for scholars not familiar with Chinese language. 2. Facilitate further studies - Our DB system and study will facilitate further related studies due to its creative and comprehensive features - Especially consistency and robustness of the set of raw date, indicators, and indices in our DB system will be a good starting point for more advanced applies studies in related fields. 3. Enhance empirical contents of Chinese Studies and its academic rigour 4. Basic reference sources for decision makers in government and business organizations. 5. Resources for advanced and applied studies in graduate school.

Project Name : Basic Research Support for Foundational Human/Social Science Researches
Research Title : Construction of China’s Regional Social Stability Indices and Data Base [ KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research :
Research Period : 3 Years (SEPTEMBER 01, 2014 - AUGUST 31, 2017)