Although many foreign cultural heritages have been brought into Korea and by interacting with people from different cultures, accurate current situation of foreign heritages in Korea was not studied on a national level. It seems to be very clear that foreign heritages have high utilization in today's globalized and the fourth industrial age. This study has a significance in that it is the first attempt to study on database development and an efficient utilization method of foreign cultural heritage in Korean Museums on a national level. Therefore, this research contains an agenda to raise awareness of foreign heritages in Korea with systematic approach and management methods and also requires data reliability and mutual cooperation for future study. Details can be summarized as follows. • Investigation and Data collection on foreign cultural heritages in Korean Museums • Database construction on a national level • Raise awareness of cultural diversity and expand opportunities for cultural utilization • Provide important point for cultural comparative study After three years of this study, Database on foreign heritages in Korean Museums includes more than 25,000 objects covered 113 museums. Research team has constructed 47 detailed fields and devoted to acquire object images through wide variety of interactions between research team and museums. Also, research team emphasized on public users for efficient utilization. On the other hand, research team sent out monthly newsletters for over 3,000 cultural related institutions and individuals to let people know the process and the value of this project. In addition, research team published research paper in the Korea Citation Index. This study was the first attempt to study on database development and an efficient utilization method of foreign cultural heritage on a national level and outcomes of this research will be highly evaluated from related field experts.

Expect Effect / Research Utilization

1. Contribution to educational and social application (1) Promoting Academic Research The result of this study can be widely used for related research fields as basis. Constructed Database will be enhance collections’ accessibility and viability in that it will promote further research and raise the quality of related researches. (2) Supporting Nation’s Cultural Heritage Management Strategy Korean society has not concerned on foreign heritages in Korea on a national level. It is highly necessary to practice cultural diversities and sharing diverse perspectives these days. Database development and making efficient utilization method of foreign cultural heritage in Korea can be practice part of social responsibility. This database is expected to present constructive guidelines for changing museum and cultural policy in future. (3) Educational Utilization On an educational perspectives, creativity education and multicultural education are highly required in today's globalized age. This database can be a core material for STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, arts and Mathmatics) education. 2. Development related professional personnel Researchers on this study are composed of specialists on cultural heritage studies and museum studies. This study will be a stepping stone for each researchers playing a major role in their corresponding professional fields in future. Although it is beginning step, It is highly necessary to make a plan for the development of high skilled manpower on foreign heritages in Korea. In future, developing efficient utilization methods of Foreign Cultural Heritage in Korea on a national level and should be run in parallel with the developing related experts. 3. Utilization in Museums Utilization in Museums is one the efficient way to practice and enhance the value of this database. Thus, it is highly desirable that constructed database will be used for making creative and diverse storytelling for exhibitions and education programs in museums. In addition, This database will play a significant role for mutual information exchanges between various museums and exhibition development on a national level as well as international level.

Project Name : Basic Research Support for Foundational Human/Social Science Researches
Research Title : A Study on Database Development and An Efficient Utilization Method of Foreign Cultural Heritage in Korea Museums [ KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research :
Research Institution : HANYANG UNIVERSITY
Research Period : 3 Years (SEPTEMBER 01, 2015 - AUGUST 31, 2018)