This work is the result of a project conducted for 3 years from September 1st, 2012, under the title “Building of Manchu Dictionary and Literature DB for Integral Study of Manchu Language and Literatures.” In the project, we input texts of 20 books selected from several Manchu dictionaries and Manchu literatures printed published in the Ching and the Joseon Dynasty.

In the first we labeled specific tags reflecting structure of the data and also added annotations. Next, for lexical data we built integral dictionary DB, and for text data we did Manchu-Chinese, and Manchu-Korean parallel corpus including DB of lexical index. We converted the total data to relational DB so that it may be possible to search every Manchu forms on the web.
Expect Effect / Research Utilization
Project Name :
Research Title : [KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research : Nam, Seungho
Research Institution : Seoul National University
Research Period : 3 Years(September 1, 2012 – August 31, 2015)