International organizations play a pivotal role in formulating and implementing various policies for common global values, such as peace, human rights, globalization, sustainable development and cultural diversity. Hence, this research provided a systematic study on international organizations and contributed to understanding global order as well as to Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) delivered through international organizations, such as the United Nations.

Through the research project, International organizations' series comprised of a total of 10 books including an introductory book discussing the history, current status and the future of international organizations - the main actors of today’s world system - and 9 pieces that each analyzed international organizations playing a pivotal role in educating, enhancing understanding of and providing solution to global issues. In 2013, this research project published the introductory book and the first individual piece on UN, the archetype of international organizations, and world peace. In 2014, this research project focused on 16 international organizations in 13 different fields, such as human rights, refugees, immigration, society, culture, sports, population, health, women, children, food, agriculture, environment, etc., published and distributed 4 books. Also, the research on the issues of economic development, trade, finance, science, technology, regional cooperation, and Korea and the future of Korea and International Organizations was progressed and 4 books were published in 2015, the last year to conclude the 3-year project.
Expect Effect / Research Utilization
Project Name :
Research Title : [KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research : Utak CHUNG
Research Institution : Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding
Research Period : 3 Years(September 1, 2012 – August 31, 2015)