This document is published with the aim of exploring the model and strategy of human resources development in Korea, and spreading and sharing it globally. This study reviewd how Korea's human resources development has changed and developed over the past half century and analyzed the changes in the Korean human resources development in the public and private sectors by stages of economic development. It also analyzed the individual, organizational, and national contributions of Korea's past human resources development policies. The series, published in a total of three volumes, addressed each of the following: In the first volume, the educational environment, education and training institutions, education and training programs, and education and training effectiveness of the public sector were analyzed by the government from the Park Jung-hee government to the Lee Myung-bak government. Specifically, the education and training environment of the public sector was divided into political, economic, social and cultural environments, legal and institutional environments, and technical and global environments to examine various environmental factors that could affect the educational environment of the public sector. In education and training institutions, the organization structure, budget, and manpower of education and training regulations and institutions were analyzed, centering on the Central Institute of Public Education (formerly the National Institute of Public Officials Redevelopment). In the public service education and training program, changes and achievements were analyzed in the public sector's education and training program, divided by government into public office value education and job education. The second volume limited the scope of research to the cultivation of talents in the private sector, and analyzed the cultivation of talent in the private sector by dividing it into industry, science and technology, and public enterprises. The analysis results for each sector were presented by the government, divided by the environment, institution, and program of human resources development. The third volume is an English version that comprehensively presents the major contents of the first and second volumes for spreading and sharing of the results of this study globally, with the aim of making full use of the lessons and implications of the Korean model for human resources development in developing countries.

Expect Effect / Research Utilization

It is published in a total of three volumes, and it is expected that academic, educational, and social contributions such as: 1. Academic Contribution and Utilization - Promote the study of Korean national human resources development model, which encompasses the public and private sectors, at the international level. - Promoting Industry-Academic Collaborative Research that maximizes the characteristics of Korean-based human resources development model research - Contribute to the quantitative and qualitative expansion of Korean human resources development model research through the expansion of research base 2. Educational contribution and utilization - Contribute to fostering practical experts and the later generations in human resources development - Contribute to the development of human resources by quantitative and qualitative research on the development of human resources and to the development of subsequent generations of research. - Providing quality data to graduate students, professors, and researchers interested in human resources development research through the spread and sharing of Korean human resources development models and strategies 3. Social Contribution and Utilization - Provide basic data for objectively understanding Korean human resources development model and developing integrated policies - Contribute to the development of human resources policies required by knowledge-based projects based on the models presented in this study - Contribute to balanced national development by expanding opportunities for human resources development, supporting the government for areas where market failures work, and promoting policies on job training for the vulnerable. - Delivering Korean human resources development models to developing countries to present new hopes and visions for developing countries' development

Project Name : Basic Research Support for Foundational Human/Social Science Researches
Research Title : Diffusing and Sharing the Korean Models and Strategies of Human Resource Development(Research Book Series: Published in Korean and English) [ KRM Task Information ]
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Research Period : 3 Years (SEPTEMBER 01, 2015 - AUGUST 31, 2018)