Musical dictionaries in Korea mostly consist of Korean translation of dictionaries published in Japan. The poor state of musical culture in Korea prevented all but some stand-alone efforts to publish musical dictionaries. Considering the necessity of publishing multiple types of dictionaries even for a single discipline, it feels not easy to overcome the academic backwardness that we find ourselves in.
What stands out in the reality of Korean academism, in particular, is the need to publish a dictionary on “World Music,” which consists of various terminologies on music and culture. The dictionaries previously published either related themselves with concepts and styles of the Western music (New Dictionary of Music, Standard Dictionary of Music) or the Korean traditional music (Great Dictionary of Korean Traditional Music). This dichotomy is the reflection of the same dichotomy in music as an academic discipline in Korea, that is, the rigid division between Western music and Korean traditional music. The music culture in this world, however, cannot be rightly described with such a distorted frame of dichotomy. In the 21st century, an era represented by internet and globalism, the failure to have the most up-do-date understanding on the whole world means the failure to keep up with others. In fact, the same goes to Korea’s music culture: viewing it with such dichotomy will produce a distorted picture of Korean music culture today. This is evident in the fact that the multiculturalism, which have been spreading all over the globe, has gradually widened its territory into Korean soil. The Korean academia needs to depart from the outdated dichotomy to renew their understanding on Korean music culture as a field to experience various music and culture from all over the world, while seeking ways to understand music through academic frames.
The publication of the World Music Genres Terminology Dictionary represents the first active step to achieve that goal. In addition, not many professional terminology dictionaries were published in Korean for Web services. This project relates itself to building a Web-based database that contains the contents of the previously published World Music Terminology Dictionary and supplements them with other contents. This World Music Genres Terminology Dictionary database project is crucial and meaningful for Korean musicology circle.
We looked for and gathered a total of about 3,000 terms on world music genres for two years from January 2004 to December 2005. This research was funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea (formerly Academic Promotion Foundation).
To ensure efficient archiving, maintenance, and utilization of the outcome of the previous research, the researchers constructed a database and a search system to search terminologies in line with the music genres around the world for six months from March 2012 to August 2012 with sponsorship from the National Research Foundation of Korea. The database and the search system employed intuitive navigation and Web search engine to provide information on numerous terms as fast as possible.
Project Title : Dictionary Publication
Research Title : World Music Genres Terminology Dictionary [KRM Task Information]
Chief of Research : Park, Mi-Kyung
Research Institution : World Music Association
Research Period : 2 Years (January1, 2004 – December 31, 2005)
Project Title : Tracking and DB Construction for Foundational Human/Social Science Researches
Research Title : World Music Genres Terminology Dictionary [KRM Task Information]
Chief of Research : Park, Mi-Kyung
Research Institution : Kyemyung University
Research Period : 6 Months (March 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012)