The majority of the studies related to Spain and Latin America were so far published in forms of thesis and dissertation, fragmentary and unprofessional research results given by other field's researchers, or untrustworthy information on the internet from unknown sources.

 So the actual state is that students, the public or even professional researchers have no fundamental access to the data on humanities and culture of Spanish-speaking areas. Therefore, this research team carried out the research of the terminology for Spanish-speaking culture areas' humanities and culture for three years based on the field's professional researchers' solid recognition, various viewpoints and in-depth knowledge with five specific targets below.

 1. To synthesize and systemize basic data on Spanish-speaking culture and its humanities.

 2. To provide specific and trustworthy fundamental data in the manner of compiling a dictionary by systematically organizing and outlining the terminology after investigating, collecting and analyzing.

 3. To secure practical basic information on Spanish-speaking culture and its humanities.

 4. To establish the unity of academic terminology for Spanish-speaking culture and its humanities.

 5. To enhance the availability of the data mentioned above.

 For these objects, this research compiled a dictionary selecting 500 main entry words for the each field(literature, history, religion, culture) of Spanish-speaking areas and 7500 words derived from the main ones under a rigorous standard and principles.

 Specifically, this research divided the Spanish-speaking area into Europe(Spain) and Latin America(the entire Central and South America except Brazil) under geographic standard and surveyed their features. At the same time, considering the profound reciprocal influence between the two regions, the particularity of their characteristics newly produced and developed was also overlapped in this research.

 Since that this research covers the wide area of the two regions, six professional researchers participated for the objectivity and professionality in the selection and the writing of the words organizing teams.

 With this research, it is expected to provide a source of database for private corporations, government authorities, professionals students in this field, and also general public who are not familiar with Spanish language, who can conveniently utilize this work and have diverse viewpoints and topical interests.

Project Name : Dictionary compilation of the Humnities & Culture in the spanish cultural area
Research Title : Dictionary compilation of the Humnities & Culture in the spanish cultural area [KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research : Na, Songju
Research Period : 3 Years (November 1, 2011 – October 31, 2014)