The main topic of the first-year research is Family Culture, and the sub-topics are Parents and Children, Marriage, Marital relationship, Divorce and Remarriage, and Inheritance.
For the purpose of enhancing understanding on Fatwa, we introduced the concepts of ‘Fatwa’, ‘Ifta’’, ‘Mufti’, and ‘Four Schools of Islamic Law’ before we began the research.
In second year, we studied Fatwas related to Social Life in Islamic Community. We elaborated on the Characteristics of Islamic Community, Status of Fatwa in Islamic Community, Effect of Fatwa on the Community, and Roles and Functions of Mufti.
The main topic of the third-year research is Culture in Business Transactions, and the sub-topics are Forms of Contracts such as Mudaraba and Murabaha. Riba Bank, Islamic Investment, Deferred Payment Transactions, Lease, Online Transactions, Real Estate, Insurance, Takaful, Iqalah, and Islamic Mortgage.
Project Name : Muslim Society's Norms and Realities Represented by Fatwa
Research Title : Muslim Society's Norms and Realities Represented by Fatwa [KRM Task Information ]
Chief of Research : Moon, Jaewan
Research Period : 3 Years (November 1, 2011 – October 31, 2014)